Gambling A Curse or a Boon

Gambling  refers  to place a bet on a particular subject with an intent of winning additional money or any other material. Gambling is all about chance of winning or losing. A person is said to be a gambler when he/she is wagering money or belongings with an intent of winning additional money or material. Although luck plays a major role but winning is mostly decided by chances.

Major Gambling games are:-

  1. Casino games
  2. Bingo
  3. Slot machines
  4. Lottery tickets
  5. Scratch tickets
  6. Betting on horse racing
  7. Betting on skill based games such as cricket,football etc.
  8. Internet Gambling

Reasons to Gamble:-

  1. To win money
  2. To socialize
  3. Excitement
  4. As a pass time

These reasons turns their cause of joining to their addiction. This addiction is as same as addiction of Drugs and Alcohol. Results of gambling addiction are:-

  • Financial Consequences
  • Reduces self confidence
  • Increases criminal activity
  • Person Alienate himself from friends and family
  • Mental instability
  • Answer to the above question is that behavior does not occur without certain thoughts. The thoughts that makes an individual to gamble possess some basic ideas such as
    1. They have some special talent and this will help them to be a millionaire in one night.
    2. They have exceptional amount of luck which will help them to win a lot.
    3. They thinks that if they play a particular game long enough it has to PAYOUT.
    4. They deserve to win because they have invested so much time, money and effort.

    But the fact is that all these feelings and ideas are merely their delusions. Another interesting fact is that all gambling machines are based on the fact that small wins will occur number of times but big wins will occur only for few times. These machines are designed to make money for the owners not for the public. A single poker machine has to be played for twenty years at least eight hours a day to fulfill the thinking that the machine will payout if it is played for long time. Given below are the steps to prevent over-playing of gambling.

    1. Relaxation training
    2. Hypnosis
    3. Personality assessment
    4. Behavior modification
    5. Thought blocking