Casino Jobs

There is no solid proof of from where and when Gambling originated but it is believed that Chinese people started gambling in 2300 B.C. Although China is considered as the birth place of Gambling but it is believed that gambling existed in all societies in some forms.

According to the facts and stats given by archeologists, it is said that ancient cavemen had been gambling with objects made from bones of animals in form of dice. These objects had been found during many excavations at several places of the world. The ancient dices are much similar to the modern ones. In ancient times gambling is used as one of the games to pass their leisure time.

Proofs had been discovered at Rome,India,Japan,China,Egypt which shows that gambling had been a part of our ancestors as well. According to the belief of Native Americans, games of chances had been invited by God himself and used dices made from plum stones. Dices are also used to predict the future of the people.

Games like Baccarat,Poker had been derived from some of the earliest games. Black-jack had been derived from the game that once been played by the Napoleon.

Effectiveness of management teams is the key to success for any business organization which includes casinos also. Management team is a necessary and important for success and profitability of casino operations. The front line employees are dealers,cage cashiers and change attendants. Abilities of these employees should be good enough in work to deal with the customers/players. Employees must possess good technical skills to fulfill their work requirements. Employees like game managers,marketing division require less technical skills and more ability to deal with the different types of the people and ability to see the big picture of the operation.

Members of the Casino management & operation

  • President – Responsible for the overall operations of casino.
  • Pit manager – Responsible for overseeing the operations of the games
  • Floor person – Works directly under the Pit manager and is responsible to supervise the play of games at various tables and to ensurethat there are no house rules broken and no cheating occuring
  • Casino surveillance – Casino hire a variety of security and surveillance to monitir interior and exterior of the casino to be sure nothing is stolen. Surveillance cameras are used for the monitoring
  • Casino hosts – The role of Casino hosts is to spend a large part of their time on the casino floor and ensuring that the VIP customers are being well cares for