A Slot Machine

A Slot Machine, commonly known as Poker Machine, is a Casino gambling machine with “Free Slots and No Deposit” as its tag line. The machine generally has three reels which spins when a button is pushed. But do you know how does a “poker machine” or better say “slot machine” works??Lets begin with the history of slot machines.

Slot machines are used as a replacement for casual gamers. As you all know casual gaming requires gambling knowledge. The idea of a game with or without knowledge proved to be a disastrous success as in slot gaming knowledge is not necessary, what it requires is a bet only. A slot machine comprises of a handler, three reels with picture printed on them, payout system and a braking system.  The player pulls the handle to rotate the reels. Handler is connected to a metal shaft. A coin detector checks whether the coin is inserted or not. The handler gets unlocked when a coin is inserted. Spinning of the wheel is stopped by the braking system and then the sensors communicate with the position of the reels to the payout system.Combination of the central line or pay line decides the amount of winning i.e the amount depends on the pictures which appears alomg the pay line.

Evolution of technology in the slot machine

The spinning of the wheel is now fully controlled by the automated computers. The handler is replaced by a touch screen sensor. Touch screen sensors starts the rotation of reels. The insertion of coins is replaced by Ticket-In Ticket-Out i.e a paper ticket with a barcode. The winning amount is now known as “Jackpot”.